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Physio Prospect: Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions Help Cystic Fibrosis Patients

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The virtual physiotherapy service is handy for people with cystic fibrosis. This means of physiotherapy has been a plan ever since the pandemic hit Ireland. It is available to all patients who are on the CF register. There are several physio Prospect treatments you can choose too.

The respiratory team is running the service in conjunction with physiotherapists. It is open to all patients aged 16 years and over on the CF register. The virtual service will complement the usual face-to-face physiotherapy patients receive in the hospital. Several types of sessions are in Physio Prospect.

To use the service, patients will need access to a laptop, desktop computer or tablet with a webcam and internet connection. They will also need to download Zoom, a free online meeting platform. Booking online is also an option with physio Prospect.

Once they have done this, they can contact their physiotherapist to arrange an appointment. Appointments will be held twice a week at a time that suits the patient.

The virtual physiotherapy service is just one of the many ways that the respiratory team is helping patients with cystic fibrosis during the pandemic.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a progressive, life-limiting genetic condition that affects more than 1,300 people in Ireland. It causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time.

There is no cure for CF, but new treatments and therapies are becoming available which are helping people with the condition live longer, healthier lives. Physiotherapy plays an important role in managing CF by helping to clear mucus from the lungs and keeping them healthy.

The HSE’s National Cystic Fibrosis Programme provides services to people with CF and their families, including physiotherapy. A team delivers the service of specialist CF physiotherapists who work in CF centres across the country.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the HSE’s National Cystic Fibrosis Programme has put several measures to protect people with CF and their families. One of these measures is the introduction of virtual physiotherapy consultations.

Virtual physiotherapy consultations are conducted via video call. It allows people with CF to receive physiotherapy care and advice from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Find out more therapy sessions with physio Prospect. You can get n touch with an expert at advanceallied.com.

Irene Maguire, a senior physiotherapist at Galway University Hospital, explains that most people are more comfortable at home. She says that most of them use one-on-one physiotherapy sessions as strengthening exercises.

The virtual sessions are also a way to remotely monitor weight, heart rate, and oxygen saturation. The goal is to make sure that people with CF can continue to receive the physiotherapy care they need during the pandemic and beyond.

Virtual physiotherapy is a convenient way to attend to patients. It is less time-consuming for both the patient and the physiotherapist. There is no need to travel and take time off from work or school. Physio Prospect can give you details on any physio therapy sesions.

To access virtual physiotherapy, patients can contact their CF centre or physiotherapist directly. A referral from a GP is not required. Virtual physiotherapy is a convenient and safe way to receive physiotherapy care. It also means that patients can continue to progress with their physiotherapy goals even if they cannot attend face-to-face appointments.

If you have any questions about virtual physiotherapy, please contact your CF centre or physiotherapist. You can get more information about physiotherapy treatments at advanceallied.com. Book an appointment with the advanceallied.com/physio-prospect experts here.