Home News Joe Biden Simply Fired Trump’s Anti-Union NLRB Lawyer

Joe Biden Simply Fired Trump’s Anti-Union NLRB Lawyer


Joe Biden instantly made it clear that he would be the most pro-union president in years by canning Trump’s anti-union NLRB normal counsel.

HuffPo Labor Reporter Dave Jamieson tweeted:

Trump tried to stack the Government Department together with his loyalists and lackeys, however Joe Biden has instantly proven that he isn’t going to tolerate their potential sabotage of his administration. The Trump loyalists have a selection. They’ll both resign, or they are often fired.

Joe Biden doesn’t want a foolish “deep state” conspiracy or another nonsense. Folks like Robb who had been positioned in high-level positions to undermine the elements of the federal government that they had been purported to be helping don’t have any place within the Biden administration.

The earlier president was a fake powerful man who was afraid to fireside anybody, however Joe Biden is rapidly exhibiting a backbone of metal and toughness that has been lacking for the final 4 years.

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