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Driving Lessons Brisbane Remain Valuable Even in the Pandemic


A few places in Australia are now facing a massive backlog for driver training, learners’ tests, new applications, and practical driving (road) tests. With social distancing being strictly enforced to prevent the coronavirus from spreading further, driving schools had no choice but to comply. It means that they no longer can carry out the usual process, including having a student and instructor in the same car.

Although some driving schools in Brisbane continued the “normal” process of driver training, it was only a matter of time before coronavirus cases surged. The risk was way too obvious to ignore. Even student drivers decided not to attend their classes in the hope of avoiding the risk of getting exposed.

It was late last year when Queensland eventually cancelled driving lessons Brisbane, but for a good reason. Driving tests and all other appointments that violate physical distancing rules were put on hold. The postponements gave some students no other choice but to complete logbook assessments instead. Some instructors took it upon themselves to cater to some new drivers who failed to take the one-off test.

The pandemic may have halted the ongoing driving training in all regions. However, it hasn’t put a dent in the value of driving lessons Brisbane. It’s clear that even with the restrictions, driving schools and instructors are finding ways to continue with the classes. It’s a good thing considering the increasing number of vulnerable students who need further training.

The government’s decision to halt the one-off test forced people to look for alternatives. There was growing desperation among student drivers when it comes to getting their licence. It was proof that they’re pinning their hopes on the government’s consideration.

Driving tests were cancelled in all states immediately after the Australian government announced the physical distancing rules. It eventually resulted in the backlog of drivers that needed it. There’s a legitimate concern that it might take a couple of months to clear the backlog, which will only happen once the number of cases goes down.

In Queensland, the government acknowledged the necessity of driving schools, giving student drivers an option to obtain their licence. For instance, driving instructors were allowed to conduct lessons, provided that strict hygiene and safety protocols were met. It’s a promising development, considering that other states have been stringent in enforcing physical distancing rules. It shows the value of driving lessons in the minds of policymakers.

A handful of driving schools stopped entertaining students in March of last year, but there’s the hope of bringing them back before the end of 2021. Some driving schools have started putting a new setup to at least come out of dormancy. It’s a blessing that the government labelled driving schools as “essential,” which gave instructors the chance to redeem their livelihood and allowed students to continue their education.