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Clear Silage Wrap is the Present and Future of Baling, According to Experts


Clear silage wrap is set to revolutionise the present and future of farm waste as it proves to be an effective alternative for the agricultural industry in Australia.

The use of clear silage wrap is finding relevance in parts of Australia. Many farmers claim clear silage wrap is able to replicate the same forage quality as traditional silage film – even better. At the same time, it also lowers their plastic waste. Clear silage wrap also has the highest recycling potential among other options, making it an extremely viable option for both farming and agricultural use. 

Coveris, an Australian packaging company, was able to patent the innovative product. Competing brands are trying to create their own version as they view it as the one that will reshape the silage wrap market in Australia and other parts of the world. 

Coverisspokesperson, Colm Malone, spoke to several Aussie Farmers as to why the switch to clear silage wrap will benefit them. 

After two years of development, Coveris launched their clear silage wrap line called Unterland Crystal Quality.Since its transparent, farmers are able to monitor their baled forage during the storage period.”

Colm Malone also pointed out that the initial driver for the development of the clear silage wrap came from the need for quality monitoring.

Farmers aim for high-quality forage. However, the uncertainty of that is quite overwhelming. Theres nothing worse than discovering rotten silage after almost a year of waiting.”

By using clear silage wrap, farmers can see the fermentation process as it happens. Theyll be able to keep a close eye on the progress of their forage and ensure quality in every harvest.”

At the same time, Malone also stated that the product also provides a range of environmental benefits. According to him, these features will prove advantageous towards improving peoples outlook towards agriculture. 

Clear bales play a crucial role in maintaining the natural beauty of the farmlands. It blends in with the scenery as opposed to the eyesore that is black bale wraps dotting the hills. With clear bales, locals and visitors can view the beautiful countryside.”

Malone also mentioned the recycling opportunities that clear bales bring to the table. According to him,clear bales are more recyclable than black bales and will help lower the cost of agricultural plastic waste recycling.”

Roy Hiddleston, the CEO of Solway Recycling, urges farmers to ditch coloured silage wrap in favour of clear bale wraps. He strongly believes that it is the present and future of baling. 

We are in a time where multiple industries are trying to reduce their plastic waste while increasing recycling potential,” says Hiddleston. This trend makes clear bale wraps an absolute game-changer as it opens many recycling opportunities. It should reduce the recycling cost for farmers, agriculturists, and others who use it.”

Experts speculate a much lower instance of cross contamination of colors of film once every farmer starts using clear wrap moving forward.