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Medical Experts Talk About the Considerations in Choosing a Weighted Blanket


Weighted blankets offer a handful of benefits, but you only get them if you know which one to choose.

Weighted blankets have been around for decades, but some people are still unaware of their health-related benefits. According to medical professionals, young ones and adults must start using weighted blankets. These blankets are usually made using synthetic materials. They have an internal metal or plastic frame insert covered by flannel or another type of soft fabric material.

The term “weighted blanket” is entirely appropriate because they are heavier than regular blankets. Therefore, how do you know if a Weighted blanket is the right one for your needs? Here are some considerations to think about:

The Weight of the Blanket

A Weighted blanket must be at least eight pounds in weight. Anything lighter may not provide adequate comfort and support to users. However, if you are a more prominent framed person, then you may need something even heavier than the standard eight-pound blanket.

Weighted Inserts Come in Different Sizes

Weighted blankets also vary by width and length. Therefore, they should be able to fit correctly on the frame to get the best results. The right size of the weighted blanket will allow users to sleep comfortably, and it must support their body weight.

Weighted blankets with smaller sizes are meant for kids and younger adults, while those bigger may be for older adults or more prominent framed people like athletes.

The Number of Weighted Pieces

You can choose blankets with all-over fill, or you can select the ones that have removable inserts. The latter is a blanket with several weighted pieces that can be removed and added to after so long. It will provide flexibility and comfort, especially for obese or overweight, since it will allow them to create a customized weighted blanket.

Synthetic or Organic Material

Synthetic materials are more durable and may not be as expensive as organic ones. However, you can still find some people who prefer natural materials such as wool to avoid allergies that synthetic materials usually trigger. On the downside, those made from natural cloth may have an unpleasant smell since they are not treated. It may require more cleaning compared to those made using synthetic materials.

Weighted blankets may vary in terms of shape, design, and size. They can be rectangular, square, or round, but they are always designed with a cover removed before washing. The best ones come with removable covers for easy maintenance since their water-resistant properties can be easily ruined.

Weighted blankets are perfect for those who want to experience comfort, relaxation, and deep sleep in a gentle way. However, you must read product reviews to know whether the blanket will fit your needs or not its quality before deciding to buy one.