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Experienced Plumber Discusses the Situations That Require an Expert Hand


Some plumbing issues are better left to the pros to handle.

Homeowners in Gawler usually handle many improvement and repair jobs, but an experienced plumber warns that some plumbing issues need an expert’s hands.

While it might be tempting, an expert plumber recommends against do-it-yourself plumbing repairs. “For the professional plumbers who do this day in and day out,” said one such specialist, “doing a DIY project just isn’t worth the potential risk of injury or other problems.” The following are three everyday situations that can potentially result in injury to the homeowner.

Frozen Pipes

Homeowners should never attempt to thaw frozen or damaged pipes, especially if they are exposed. “At best,” said the expert plumber, “you’re looking at a lot of time and effort with no guarantee that you’ll be successful.” At worst, water could burst through the broken pipe and cause significant damage to the home or cause it to collapse.

Gas Lines

The plumber Gawler also cautions that homeowners should never attempt to turn on a gas line themselves when they suspect there might be a leak. “This is something you need to call in professionals for,” he explained. Natural gas is highly combustible and extremely dangerous.

Lead Paint

Another situation that most homeowners can’t handle on their own is lead paint removal. “In my experience, it’s just not worth the effort to attempt this project yourself,” said the seasoned plumber. Instead, most plumbers recommend hiring a professional for lead paint removal and any renovations involving old houses or buildings.

“If you have a plumbing job that requires an expert,” concluded the plumber, “don’t try to save a little money by doing it yourself.” Instead, contact a specialist today.

Water Heater Problems

Call a plumbing professional if your water heater has a leak or is dripping. Do not attempt to fix it yourself, as this can cause damage to the unit and require further plumbing repairs.

If your water heater breaks down, call a reliable plumber immediately for emergency repairs. In addition, it’s essential to have a professional inspect the unit before using it again to avoid any injury from scalding water.

Water Heater Pilot Light Not Working

You can fix a pilot light that isn’t working easily and quickly by lighting it with a match. When the water heater is on, turn off the gas supply valve and open any nearby windows to allow ventilation. Next, turn on your nearest gas stovetop burner to achieve an intense flame, then hold a lit match near the pilot light. If it lights, allow time for the gas to travel to your heater and turn on the gas supply valve. Make sure that both valves are turned off again before relighting the pilot light later.

Overflowing Toilet

Many homeowners attempt to fix an overflowing toilet on their own, but this can pose further problems. For instance, the overflow pipe might be clogged, or the float may not be functioning correctly.

If you believe that your toilet is overflowing due to a blockage, first turn off both the water supply and the waste outlet valves. Only attempt to fix the toilet by plunging it after you’ve confirmed that the water has been turned off. To plunge a toilet, place a cup where you can catch excess water and press down on the handle to break up the blockage. If this doesn’t work, you’re better off calling a plumber Gawler expert.