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DISSENT! Mary Katherine Ham Whips CNN for Hypocrisy Over Trump vs. Stacey Abrams


CNN analyst Mary Katherine Ham triggered an awesome disturbance within the CNN vitality on Saturday’s Newsroom by decrying liberal double requirements on COVID and conceding elections. 

Anchor Ana Cabrera started by expressing disgust on the MAGA protests: “Ryan, the president’s supporters, they’ve poured into the streets of Washington this weekend to attempt to give life to those unfounded and baseless claims of a rigged election. We actually had far proper teams just like the Proud Boys marching down Pennsylvania Avenue.This election is over. How did this change into regular?”

Politico’s Ryan Lizza replied it is “as a result of the president has determined to delegitimize the crystal clear outcomes of the election.” Ham mentioned the maths for Trump does not look good, after which shamed the CNN double requirements on recounts and protests: 


MARY KATHARINE HAM: I am glad to have them take a look at that in Georgia and I feel presumably Wisconsin at this level. However math will not be in his favor. He can’t overcome the mountain of votes for Joe Biden in lots of of those states that he must do to do that, and due to this fact the fitting factor to do is to say I feel this isn’t going to occur and to graciously concede.

I am comforted that it does not appear to be Biden’s transition is struggling due to this. And I feel, look, if he has a technique, the technique is likely to be a form of contemporaneous instance in Stacey Abrams as a result of he sees there are nice accolades and a focus and urge for food for any person who doesn’t concede an election as she didn’t in Georgia for the governorship for 2 years, and she or he has obtained feted by media and all people.

So, he is trying round and saying, perhaps that is the trail for me. It’s a dangerous path, and we must always say that it’s dangerous.

I additionally am not an enormous fan of the sport the place we selectively disgrace one facet or the opposite for exercising their political rights to free meeting, and to return collectively within the capital. Now we have seen it on the left and the fitting all 12 months, and it’s a tendency and a nasty tendency, I feel, to inform one facet that that is dangerous and they will unfold the virus, whereas the opposite one form of will get a cross.

I do not — the virus does not discriminate based mostly on political viewpoint, and neither do I, and I do not assume we must always generally, with the large caveat of watch out on the market. However I do wish to watch out to not discourage this sacrosanct proper to assemble and vent in these methods, as a result of it is a part of what makes our democracy wholesome.

With their hypocrisy highlighted by Ham on how the media handled Abrams’ perennial refusal to confess she misplaced to Trump’s refusal to concede till after the authorized challenges and poll audits are accomplished, Cabrera and Lizza lamely tried to say that is apples and oranges, as a result of Trump is president and there is a pandemic, blah blah blah. Actually lame. 

CABRERA: I ought to word on the Stacey Abrams comparability, I imply, the explanation that she was efficient put up her race is as a result of she truly began, , a nonprofit to get out the vote, to actually juice up the voter turnout to ensure individuals have a proper to train.

HAM: Maintain on, however do we predict if Trump didn’t concede, which might be, I feel we are able to all agree, incorrect, if he began an efficient GOTV nonprofit that we might be giving him journal covers and good protection? No, I do not assume that will be proper, and it occurs on the opposite facet, and he sees that very clearly.

CABRERA: I do not assume there is a complete comparability there, however let’s transfer on as a result of I do not wish to make this President Trump versus Stacey Abrams. Go forward, Ryan, as a result of…

LIZZA: I take that time. Look, I lined the Trump White Home now for 4 years. I interviewed Stacey Abrams the opposite day proper earlier than the election, and , I do not wish to be too cute about this, however Donald Trump isn’t any Stacey Abrams. What occurred in Georgia, it was a extra defensible post-election non-concession [!], I suppose I’d name it.

HAM: However the margin [of defeat in Georgia] was bigger!

LIZZA: Yeah, however, let’s, , I feel it is truthful to level it out, however I do wish to name slightly false equivalence on what Trump is doing in attempting to delegitimize the incoming president, not honoring him with the normal easy transition throughout a disaster.

Exit query: Should not the media, if it desires a fast concession by Trump, be encouraging states to conduct thorough audits of their ballots to fulfill everybody of the “crystal clear outcomes of the election?”