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Detailing the Ideal Qualities to Look for in Electricians


With so many of them out there, it could be difficult for a property owner to choose a qualified and trustworthy electrician.


According to building contractors, several factors must be considered when hiring an electrician.  Safety should be the top priority. The next item to ponder is competence. Years of experience, training, licenses, and recommendations are some good indicators of the competency of an electrician.

Only licensed electricians Adelaide can legally do electrical work in most states. While the licensing requirements vary somewhat from state to state, they usually require no less than 16 to 24 months of apprenticeship and up to 2,000 hours of supervised work experience. A few states require a university degree along with the apprenticeship period.

Every state requires prospective electricians to pass a licensing exam before they can get their license. Passing this exam is no small feat, as some states have as few as 5% of test-takers pass it the first try and may have as many as 20% fail. States also differ in how long an electrician can maintain their license.

There are three basic categories for the licensing exam:  Construction Codes, Wiring Methods and Protection of Electrical Installations. Each test is a combination of both practical and theoretical questions in each category. The construction codes portion covers blueprints, technical drawings and calculations used by electrical contractors

Furthermore, industry experts discuss the other things that must be considered when hiring an electrician from Adelaide Urban Electrical, including the amount of experience, necessary certifications, license type and any insurance coverage they might possess. You want to ensure that the electrical contractor comes with a high level of skill because this will give you a better chance that your electrical job will be done the first time correctly. Certain states require electricians to have special certifications and to license to do specific jobs.


The type of license the electricians Adelaide hold is another consideration. Usually, an electrician’s license can be broken down into two categories: journeyman and master. The only difference between the two licenses is that a master electrician can work without supervision in some states on jobs not exceeding $2500.

For some people, insurance may be worth considering when hiring an electrician. Homeowners insurance may cover damage done by faulty electrical work, but most homeowner’s policies have a deductible of around $1,000. The insurance provided by the licensing board might not be enough to cover your complete loss if a worker gets hurt on the job. Liability coverage will protect you from lawsuits and claims brought against you by others.

Choose an electrician with a personable attitude.  Go with a contractor like Adelaide Urban Electrical who is willing to work with you and your schedule. Obtaining several bids from different electricians may help you to decide which one will be the most economical for your needs.

A few other factors to keep in mind are how flexible the electrician’s pricing is, whether they take credit cards and if they are willing to allow you to be present during the job. It might also be a good idea to ask for references to ensure that all your questions and concerns over the safety and quality of their work have been answered.